20 Questions with MNEK


Having written hit songs for Beyonce, Madonna, Dua Lipa, Stormzy (and the list goes on and on), it's MNEK's time to shine! We talk about diversity in the music industry to spirit animals all the way to RuPaul's Drag Race. Full interview in Dear Boy 03 AM.

Shirt   NANAMICA   |  Trousers   ASOS

Shirt  NANAMICA  |  Trousers  ASOS


How would you describe yourself?
Oh well, let’s find the categories... I am a scorpio [laughs], I am multi-layered, I am a man of music and I love music — that’s my life. I love colours, love everything mashing together and love expressing myself. That’s what I feel is necessary for everyone and so I try my best to express myself. Especially in regards to what I love, which is music.

Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know about?
I think I might be a little psychic. 

It’s a scorpio thing!
This is it! I feel like that I have a slight sixth sense, an intuition. So many moments when I’ve said something, or put something out there and within the same minutes it happens.

What is one word that you want people to describe you as?

Favourite RuPaul's Drag Race queen from past seasons?
Adore Delano. 

What would your entrance line be?
Y’all want a re-twist? Cause of the dreads!

Outfit   MENACE   |  Coat   3.PARADIS   |  Shoes   NIKE

Outfit  MENACE  |  Coat  3.PARADIS  |  Shoes  NIKE


If you could have 1 person to be featured in your album,
who would that be?
I would love to have Mariah to just do a whistle. 

Dogs or cats?
Neither! I'm allergic to them.

One song you're jamming out to right now?
Check by Kojo Funds and Raye

One artist that people should listen to more?
MNEK [laughs]

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If you're an animal, what animal would that be?
I’ll say koala bear! Wait are they small? Nah, I’m chatting shit. Let’s go with Polar bear [laughs]

One show you binge-watched?
Taina from Nickelodeon.

Favourite snack to have before bed?
Peanut butter and jam sandwich. Never fails me.

Favourite scent to wear?

Favourite colour?

Favourite season of the year?
Spring... so right now!

Last question — what’s on the tip of your tongue?
At the tip of my tongue… thank you so much for having me [laughs] 

Read the full exclusive interview with MNEK in Dear Boy 03 AM.


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