20 Questions with Tom Daley

With 10 gold medals to date, a Youtube channel and a cookbook in tow, we get Britain's sunshine boy Tom Daley to shed some light on his biggest pet peeve and find out what some of his favourite things are. Full interview in Dear Boy Issue 02 BAD.



How did you get into diving?

It started from the age of three when I was swimming. I just really enjoyed being in the water. I went to a local swim session, saw people on the diving board and thought it looks like a lot of fun. I gave it a go and absolutely loved it! One of my pet peeves though, is when people call me a swimmer. Because lots of people call me a swimmer but I’m like,I don’t swim! I swim to the side and that’s about as similar as diving gets to swimming. But yeah, it’s part and parcel I guess.

Favourite pool to dive in?
The Beijing Water Cube. It was my first olympics and a easy pool to dive in cause it’s big and spacious - you don’t feel like you’re gonna land on anyone and randomly the surface of the board is really nice. [laughs]

Besides chlorine, what is your favourite scent?
[laughs] I don’t know what it’s called but I have a mix of two things that I use. There’s a Hugo Boss one that’s in a red bottle that I like and also Dolce & Gabanna The One.

Favourite season of the year?
Spring, cause sometimes you get some nice warm bits in it and sometimes you get some cold bits but it’s a time you can start layering. I like it not too warm, not too cold so Spring is the perfect time

Where would you want to stay or live in besides Britain?
In Europe, there are three places at the top of my head where I’ll like to live in: Barcelona, Berlin or Budapest. All the B’s!

Outfit   TOPMAN   |    Boots   DR MARTENS

Outfit  TOPMAN   |   Boots  DR MARTENS

Favourite colour?
Blue. Actually it’s teal!

Favourite song or artist?
Vengaboys We Like to Party and Black Eyed Peas

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one knows about.
I can’t swim very well! Lots of people think that I can swim really well but I’m actually not a very strong swimmer. If I swam the length of an Olympic pool of 50 metres, by the end of it I’ll be sore and knackered. Probably 90% of the people would beat me. I don’t do any swim training at all, so I’m just same as any joe-blocks off the streets.

Books you’re reading now or would recommend?
The last book I read was actually Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Spanish.

One of the best show or film you’ve ever watched?
Game of Thrones, hands down my favourite thing I’ve watched.

If Lance gets a call for your arrest one day,  what would it be for?
For my arrest? Stealing sweets from the pick-and-mix shop. [laughs]

Favourite meal of the day and what would it consist of?
Breakfast. Porridge, eggs, baked eggs, muffins, chickpeas scrambles, there’s so many things I eat all the time. I like Breakfast a lot

One thing you would take from your home in a fire?
My laptop. All my photos from my wedding and honeymoon and all that kind of stuff I can’t lose

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself.
I am half American.
I have a brown belt in Judo.
I have a downhill ski trophy slalom trophy

Sweater  SANDRO   |    Jeans   DIESEL   |    David’s Head   5MM DESIGN

Sweater SANDRO   |   Jeans  DIESEL   |   David’s Head  5MM DESIGN

What is one super power you’ll like to have?
Fly, because it would make diving so much easier!

What would you say your fashion style is like?
I mean I wear a lot of activewear on my way to training because that’s basically what I get to wear everyday. But once I’m done with the diving stuff I am quite preppy. I always dress on the smarter side when I go out but I never go too smart if that makes sense.

Any advice for eating healthy for someone who’s really busy?
For someone who’s really busy, it’s really tough to make sure that you are eating well but the one thing is preparation and time management. If you can manage to cook a big batch of food on a Sunday night before you start work, it can last you for the next few days whether it’s lunch or dinner. If you prefer cooking dinner every night, then make sure that you just cook twice the amount so you can have it for lunch the next day.

What would you do if you can do one thing without repercussion?
I think I’ll love to jump out of some kind of spaceship and float around in space with no suit on and fall into the earth’s atmosphere like a fast dart and try and get as fast as I could.

What Christmas present would you like under your Christmas tree this year?
Maybe a drone to up my Youtube game!

What’s up with Tom Daley next year?
Well, other than lots of training, lots of diving and the Olympics, I want to start expanding my Youtube channel. It’s one thing I’ll like to do because at the moment I post once a week, and I’ll love to get to a place where I can post three times a week.


Read more of Tom's interview and editorial in Dear Boy Issue 02 BAD


Photographer  JUN H
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