Idiosyncrasy by David-Simon Dayan

In conversation with Patrick Church
Interviewed by David-Simon Dayan


DAVID-SIMON DAYAN: Patrick Church, the hilariously honest artistic force with an angelic structure — how are you?
PATRICK CHURCH: Stressed but hydrated.

DD: Hydration is key. I always forget to drink water in New York, I can’t pinpoint why.
PC : I think in New York everyone is always rushing around trying to do a million things at once.

DD: How has the States treated you thus far, anyway? From the outside it seems like you’ve been on the up in a pretty linear fashion, but from afar everything takes a different shape. How do you feel about the past year?
PC: This has been the biggest year or so of change I have ever had within my life. I can’t really explain how I feel at the moment. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have such amazing opportunities. The response to my work has been pretty overwhelming.


DD: The paintings you create seem like an extension of your earlier surroundings of London, with it’s dreamlike quality, exaggerated motions, and bleak carelessness.
PC : London has a refreshing honesty to it and I guess this is reflected within my work. Everything I make is an extension of myself. Even when I’m painting someone else, I’m always painting myself. I was so miserable back home that I created my own dreamworld within my work that I existed in, it kind of took over. Making work is a compulsion, I feel physically unwell if I don’t do it.

DD: If you could give a piece of advice to young artists, what would it be?
PC: Have something to say or get out of the way.

D D : And to queer youth?
PC: Be kinder to yourself, be outspoken and more forgiving.


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