Interview with The Boy Blu


Hello Jamie, how’s it going?
BoyBlu: Oh hello Dear Boy! I'm doing bright and blue today actually.

Where are you based?
BB: I am originally from a small suburban town in Georgia, USA called Flowery Branch but I am now based in Los Angeles, California for the past four years.

Tell us a little more about yourself
BB: Well I’m a southern boy that grew up in theater and dance, my escape from that small town was the internet. I watched everything about fashion, pop culture, music, and dance. I originally wanted to get into fashion marketing and got accepted to the fashion institute of technology in NYC but ended up realizing that performing was my first love and passion. So I pursued a career dancing for different artists and working my friend and artist Todrick Hall for about 4 years. I spent the past four years touring, traveling and dancing but I’m currently in a new chapter of my life starting off on my own in music. I can’t wait!


We love your Instagram aesthetic and you’re so on brand with our 03AM Blue issue — tell us, why blue?
BB:  So the blue started by just being my favorite color. I love the way it makes me feel confident, powerful and sexy. Blue is actually quite a feminine & masculine color. It’s very misconceiving, for example most people think of blue as a cool color, however the hottest part of the flame is the blue part. Blue is mysterious and shouldn’t ever be stereotyped for being just a masculine boy color, it can be feminine, soft and joyful. As for my name The Boy Blu came from wearing blue a lot on tour, I even decided to dye my hair blue at one point on tour. A lot of the fans kept calling me Blue. Gifting me blue teddy bears, blue candy and eventually the name just came from a combination of all the fans calling me the blue boy or boy blue and so I decided to why not fully commit to my color obsession. Thus The Boy Blu was born. Just make sure to drop the E haha.

Have you always been drawn to the colour blue? Do you think there’s a next colour that might excite you as much as blue does in the future?
BB: Yes, blue has always been my favorite. It started with like sea blue and teals, from being obsessed with going to the beach as a kid. I loved the ocean so much, I still do and I think blue just generally is a happy color. Most people seem to associate blue with being sad or melancholy but I feel quite the opposite. It brings me joy and energy to my day. And no — I’m fully and forever obsessed with blue. I like accents of other colors but my husband is forever blue.


Is there a shade of blue that you’re almost repulsed to? Will you ever be sick of the colour blue?
BB: Not really. Not one that I’ve encountered yet. I love light baby blues, because it’s so playful and energetic and fun. Dark blues are so powerful and sexy. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of blue. If I do I’ll let you know.

It’s amazing how you can constantly create fresh new exciting looks that are blue. Is it as easy as it looks?
BB: You know, I wouldn’t say it’s easy because sometimes I get a little stumped looking for blue outfits. But something that I’ve noticed happening — since I’m so hyper aware of the color blue — is that it pops out so much everywhere all the time, that I am always given new ideas just from driving around and paying attention to the environment around me. Not only that but friends and fans will tag me or send me things that are blue and say, “This made me think of you!” So I’m always given content and ideas. I love it.

If you were to change the colour of something that isn’t blue to blue, what would it be and why
BB: hmmm I would change my apartment to the color blue. Because why not. And also I would love to be able to keep my hair blue but I hate damaging my hair from bleaching so much. Other than that I don’t think I would change anything else. I like the search for new ideas to post about or discovering blue clothing that makes me freak out over.


What are you currently working on right now?
BB: I spent this past 6 months just spending time for myself. I went almost 4 years of non stop working and traveling and life went by so fast. These past six months I’ve been focusing on what I really want in my life and I know that it’s music and performance. So I’ve been working on my first EP. I just want everything to be done right and really represent who I am.  

Well it’s been great chatting with you! One last thing before we go, tell us — if it’s not blue, then what?
BB: If its not blue, then that shit aint ME!


Stylist  ALEX BAR