Kazuma Miyazaki

In Issue 02 BAD, we interviewed three Central Saint Martins fashion design graduates on their thoughts of menswear's current landscape. Last up, Kazuma Miyazaki tells us his fascination with Nietzsche's Overman and how he incorporated it into his collection and mindset

Hello Kaz! Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Born in Hiroshima raised in Osaka Japan. I majored in Engineering at my first University in Kyoto and worked for 3 years in Tokyo. Then I came to Central Saint Martins.

What’s your inspiration behind your collection?
First inspiration was German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s idea “Overman”. His idea supported me to develop my collection both physically and mentally. Also Jenny Holtzer’s work helped me to improve some of print ideas.

Why did you choose the path of fashion design?
Fashion design is essentially required to expand its boundaries so should be always challenging and innovative. I am deeply fascinated these nature of fashion.

There's a lot of noise about the worth and cost of art schools. Coming from one of the most prestigious fashion school in uk, what are your thoughts on art education?
As BOF mentioned, art education is now becoming one of a very big business in UK. Even European students, It’s really tough to get a job in Western fashion industry so for us international students are more difficult. There are lots of political issues in EU and getting working VISA becomes more and more difficult. However studying CSM was a great experience for me so the one thing I’ve thought is college should let students know more about negative side of studying fashion design in UK.


How do you keep yourself creative and inspired all the time?
Keep in mind Louise Willson's words.


What do you think of menswear currently?
It’s in really interesting phase. Younger generation tends to be more conscious about their appearance. Compared to the past, men seems to be allowed variety of styles when they work.

What do you think about colour in menswear? Is it lacking?
Sometimes but it will be changing.

What are your future projects?
Not sure maybe starting my own label in Japan.

Who’s your favourite and least favourite designers?
Christopher Nemeth is always my favourite.

What’s one bad habit that keeps you from being even more successful?
Sometimes thinking seriously too much. I should be more optimistic.

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Photographer  JUN H