Nathan Korn

In Issue 02 BAD, we interviewed three Central Saint Martins fashion design graduates on their thoughts of menswear's current landscape. Next up, Nathan Korn tells us more about collection inspired by sadness and heartbreak. 



Hey Nathan, tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I’m 25 and from North London and I still live here, and I’ve just graduated from Fashion Print BA at CSM. I am a compulsive collector and curator of things. I hope that if I ever die my collection of stuff will be turned into a museum. My hero is Buffy Summers.


What’s your inspiration behind your collection?
The inspiration behind my collection is a boy getting over a broken heart. He’s trying to get up in the morning and get dressed, but he’s sad and feeling down and doesn’t want to go to work, but he has to. He imagines the ordinary things around him sprouting berries and leaves and flowers and becoming more beautiful. Cover up the ugliness with glitter.


Why did you choose the path of fashion design?
It’s something I was always interested in since I was small, then I wavered a bit in my teens and thought maybe I wanted to make toys (why? I don’t know), then during my foundation at CSM I studied textile design which I ended up loving, but I felt as though my samples weren’t the final outcome for me. I wanted more. Then for one project I just made some really simple t-shirts and took photos of them on a model, and then I got a taste for seeing something I made on a body, and that was it.


There's a lot of noise about the worth and cost of art schools. Coming from one of the most prestigious fashion school in uk, what are your thoughts on art education?
I think it’s a tricky thing to teach and to study, because essentially it’s all objective. I don’t really agree with anything artistic being marked, especially when it’s mostly visual, but I accept that it has to be in a university setting. Although, I played by the rules the whole time I was there and it worked well for me right up until the end when it really mattered. I wish I’d been more rebellious all along. The system is hugely flawed and I went along with it because I thought I had to, but now I know none of it really mattered if I made stuff that I loved. And I did, in the end, which was lucky!




How do you keep yourself creative and inspired all the time?
I make up stories, I look at things everywhere I go, I read a lot, I think of memories that mean a lot to me, emotions that I’ve felt that I want to either feel again or make others feel.


What do you think of menswear currently?
I think it needs some youth and some colour. Menswear can afford to be a lot more sexy and beautiful and dramatic and sensitive.


What do you think about colour in menswear? Is it lacking?
Yes. Even designers who I have loved forever are really losing the colours in their collections, I think it’s sad.



What are your future projects?
I’m going to start selling my t-shirts, as well as other items such as jewellery and underwear and prints/posters.


Who are some of your favourite and least favourite designers?
I love Raf at Calvin Klein, I’ve always loved Raf but I really like what he’s doing there especially. I love Versace in the 90s, Walter Van Beirendonck, Sebastien Meunier at Ann Demeulemeester. I don’t know about least favourites but probably anyone who describes themselves as a ‘Sports Luxe’ brand. And Gucci. I’m over it now.


What’s one bad habit that keeps you from being even more successful?
Showing off.


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Designer  NATHAN KORN 
Photographer  JUN H